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RMR, Pre-Fabulous Breakout Of The Year, Is Nothing But Smiles

RMR.Mark Peaced/Courtesy of Warner Records

When RMR enters our virtual meeting, he looks the only way the world knows him: eyes popping through a gold-embroidered balaclava, gilded grills gleaming.

Mano Sundaresan, NPR Music: You’re wearing the mask right now. Do you wear the mask in every public moment?

RMR: Yeah.

What does it mean to you?

The mask is just a mirror. For society and whatnot. You wearing a mask right now, Mano. I don’t know who you are. You don’t know who I am. When we talking, when we get out in the public, we always put on masks until we go home. Some people actually keep their mask on when they at home.

No one really knows who RMR, pronounced “rumor,” is. The rapper stays in LA these days, but won’t confirm or deny anything previously reported about his past life. All that is certain is he appeared out of thin air in late February, after his debut single, “Rascal,” went viral.

There’s a novelty that comes with an “Old Town Road” or “Mooo!” But the appeal… it is what it is. Chances are, there won’t be another song that sounds quite like either. There’s no such thing as “the next” Lil Nas X. Only the next.